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Imported Russian Chocolates "Alyonka" (1lb)

Imported Russian Chocolates "Alyonka" (1lb)

  • $ 8.99


Weight: 454gr/1lb

Taste the Imported Russian Chocolates "Alyonka"

Who does not like eating chocolates? Everyone loves it and the taste is the obvious reason behind it, but it also has some health benefits. It keeps your away free stress and refreshes your minds. The production of chocolates candy and wafer are since long, and this is not going to end. Many popular chocolates are now either replaced with new ones or got different taste due to the mix of different ingredients in it. One such popular chocolate is alyanka. You can still get it taste as russiantable offers you this opportunity. Buy Imported Russian Chocolates "Alyonka" from their website.

Alyonka or Alyona

This chocolate is the taste and delight of people since mid60s. During that time, the government ordered to produce only milk-based chocolate. There were several controversies related to the girl whose face was printed on the cover of this chocolate. Earlier it was called as Alyona, but due to these controversies and rivals, it got renamed as Alyona.

Russiantable knows that the old is gold and when it comes to chocolate people still loves Alyona. Thus, it offers you Imported Russian Chocolates "Alyonka" that you can buy from russiantable. You will get a 454gr bar, one qty at just $8.99. It is available in stock, so buy it before it stock runs out.

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