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Candies "Cherry Vladimirovna" Chocolate coated

Candies "Cherry Vladimirovna" Chocolate coated

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454gr. Cherry is the most popular berry in Russia. It is used for cooking tasty jams, stewed fruit, it is dried in order to preserve all the vitamins. Exactly these healthy small dried cherries hide inside Cherry Vladimirovna sweets. They are of very pleasant silky taste with clear sweet overtones. Chocolate coating fills it with sweetness and makes it deeper.
Not without reason Cherry Vladimirovna is famous for its beauty: for a long tome it is known that antioxidants containing in dried cherry retard the ageing of cells and improve mood. Vitamins B6 and R, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium are preserved in dried fruit, which makes Cherry Vladimirovna not only attractive and tasty but also health beneficial.

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