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Candy Set "Rusi Troyka" (540gr)

Candy Set "Rusi Troyka" (540gr)

  • $ 14.49


Enjoy the rich taste of Candies "Rusi Troyka" 540gr from the russiantable

Chocolates are the best sweet one can ever have. To taste the most assorted taste of chocolates in a royal form you can order the 540 gram pack of ;Candies "Rusi Troyka" ;from the russiantable. These set of chocolates is the best gifting option on any festival or event for they have a classic taste and come in a very attractive packing. So don’t wait just try it.

You can buy any ordinary chocolate over this pack but the taste will never be similar and as good as it. To purchase the candies in the easiest way you can visit the russiantable and get it delivered to your home without wasting any time.

What does a pack of Candies "Rusi Troyka" 540gr has?

Each 540gr of ;Candies "Rusi Troyka" ; available on the russiantable is made up of the assorted chocolates, having sugar, butter, alcohol content, molasses, whole condensed milk with sugar, berry welding, fruits and other dried fruits like the cashew nuts almonds etc. ; The pack will cost you around $ 14.49 when ordered from the russiantable. So gift your loved ones with the rich taste of sweetness mixed with berries and dry fruits on their special day or any other occasion.

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