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Candy Set "Krasnyi Oktyabr" Handamade Chocolate (520gr)

Candy Set "Krasnyi Oktyabr" Handamade Chocolate (520gr)

  • $ 69.99


Weight: 520gr

A set of high quality chocolates with hand decor and icing. Differs in a large variety of fillings of various consistencies - from creamy to liqueur. Almonds, pistachios, berries, citrus - is not a complete list of delicious flavors. The original packaging design in the form of a casket is reliable and makes it durable, allowing it to be used for economic and aesthetic purposes. On the outer surface of the bottom are metal "legs" for stability. Candies are arranged in two trays, lower and upper, equipped with devices that facilitate their easy removal. The ornament that decorates the casket is decorated with gold lettering and relief on the lid. Glossy lamination of the surface emphasizes solemnity

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