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Candies with praline body covered with chocolate glaze. Weight - 454gr

IngredientsIngredients: chocolate glaze (sugar, cocoa oil equivalent, cocoa powder, food phosphate concentrate, aromatizer identical to natural), sugar, ground fried hazelnuts, ground cocoa, cocoa oil, aromatizer identical to natural.

Nutrition100g of product contain: proteins - 7.3g, fats - 37.6g, carbonhydrates - 50.6g, caloric content - 563 kcal.

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Imported Russian Chocolates "Belochka"

Babayev Confectionery Concern

Imported Russian Chocolates "Belochka"

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PRODAN VICTORIA   12/27/2008
Matt   12/6/2010
Very tasty and is currently my favorite. Can also recommend "Babaevskie."
Olena   10/13/2009
the best!!!!
Nadia Dodson   12/7/2012
Very good! My favorite Russian Chocolate ! Goes good with tea so it just melts in your mouth!

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