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Russian Tula Gingerbread with Fruit FillingRussian Tula Gingerbread with Caramalized MilkImported Russian Gingerbread "Korovka" with Condensed milk FillingGingerbread "Tula" CranberryCustard Gingerbreads "BKK" Boiled condensed milk
Russian Tula Gingerbread with Fruit FillingTula confectionary "Yasnay polyana"
Glazed gingerbread made from premium quality flour with fruit filling Net weight 130g $1.29  Add to basket
Russian Tula Gingerbread with Caramalized MilkTula confectionary "Yasnay polyana"
Glazed gingerbread made from premium quality flour with cooked condensed milk filling
Net weight 130g $1.29  Add to basket
Gingerbread "Tula" CranberryTula confectionary "Yasnay polyana"
130gr $1.29  Add to basket
Custard Gingerbreads "BKK" Boiled condensed milkBakery-Confectionery Factory Kirov
350 g $2.29  Add to basket
Gingerbread "Tula" in boxGingerbread "Tula" w/black currantGingerbread "Korovka" with Condensed milk Filling 300 gTula Gingerbread "Lakomka"Gingerbread "Favorite" (Lubimye) chocolate flavor
Gingerbread "Tula" in boxTula confectionary "Yasnay polyana"
500gr $6.29  Add to basket
Gingerbread "Tula" w/black currantTula confectionary "Yasnay polyana"
with fruit filling
currant $1.29  Add to basket
Tula Gingerbread "Lakomka"Tula confectionary "Yasnay polyana" $1.29  Add to basket
Gingerbread "Favorite" (Lubimye) chocolate flavorRotFront
400gr $2.29  Add to basket
Gingerbread "Korovka" taste of chocolate milk        
Gingerbread "Korovka" taste of chocolate milkRotFront
300 g $2.39  Add to basket

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