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Mustard "Zakuson" Russian standard"Kinto - Table Sauce ""Satsebeli"" "Kinto - Sauce Tkemali Classic"Kinto - Sauce ""Tkemali"" Shashlik""Narsharab"
Mustard "Zakuson" Russian standardЗакусон
250 g $3.59  Add to basket
"Kinto - Table Sauce ""Satsebeli"" "Darsil
0.320gr $3.99  Add to basket
Kinto - Sauce Tkemali ClassicDarsil
Sour-sweet sauce from selected varieties of red plum Tkemali. Ideal for roasted and baked meat, seafood and vegetable dishes. 380g. $4.59  Add to basket
"Kinto - Sauce ""Tkemali"" Shashlik"Darsil
"Spicy-hot sauce from wild red plum fruits ""tkemali"" with addition of fresh greens, garlic and aromatic spices. Ideal for grilled dishes.
Net weight ... $4.59  Add to basket
380gr $8.99  Add to basket
NarsharabSpread Mustard Mayo "Zakuson"Kinto - Sauce "Caesar"Kinto - Sauce "Sandwich" mustardKinto - Sauce "Kebab" Tomato
380 g. $8.99  Add to basket
Spread Mustard Mayo "Zakuson"Закусон
250 g $3.59  Add to basket
Kinto - Sauce "Caesar"Darsil
Nt. Wt. 300gr $5.59  Add to basket
Kinto - Sauce "Sandwich" mustardDarsil
280gr $4.49  Add to basket
Kinto - Sauce "Kebab" TomatoDarsil
310gr. Kebab Tomatoe Sauce is perfect dressing for any meat dishes. $4.49  Add to basket
Kinto - Sauce "Zogal Sharab" Cornelian Berry" (Kizil)Sauce "Mr. Ricco" Satsebeli with nutSauce "Mr. Ricco" garlickySauce "Mr. Ricco" mustardSauce "Mr. Ricco" chili
Sauce "Mr. Ricco" Satsebeli with nutMs.Ricco
310gr $3.29  Add to basket
Sauce "Mr. Ricco" garlickyMs.Ricco $3.59  Add to basket
Sauce "Mr. Ricco" mustardMs.Ricco
310gr $3.29  Add to basket
Sauce "Mr. Ricco" chiliMs.Ricco $3.59  Add to basket
Sauce "Mr. Ricco" BarbecueSauce "Mr. Ricco" CaesarMustard "Zakuson" French style"Kinto - Sauce ""Satsebeli"" (Homemade)"  
Sauce "Mr. Ricco" BarbecueMs.Ricco $3.59  Add to basket
Sauce "Mr. Ricco" CaesarMs.Ricco $3.59  Add to basket
Mustard "Zakuson" French styleЗакусон
250 g $3.59  Add to basket
"Kinto - Sauce ""Satsebeli"" (Homemade)"Darsil
"Special tomato sauce ""Satsebeli"" is made from natural raw material with addition of fresh greens, garlic and aromatic spices. Ideal for meat, poultry ... $3.99  Add to basket

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