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Buckwheat groats "Yarmarka" 800 gRussian Tula Gingerbread with Fruit FillingSalmon caviar 130 grBorodino Rye Bread with corianderSunflower seeds "Tambov wolf" delicious, fried 500 g
Buckwheat groats "Yarmarka" 800 gTrading House "Fair"
Buckwheat is produced from buckwheat groats and is steamed while production. Buckwheat is rich in amino acids and proteins. It comprises: iron, calcium ... $3.39  Add to basket
Russian Tula Gingerbread with Fruit FillingTula confectionary "Yasnay polyana"
Glazed gingerbread made from premium quality flour with fruit filling Net weight 130g $1.29  Add to basket
Salmon caviar 130 grAwers Inc
130 gr. This salmon caviar has the delicious and delicate flavor unique to Pink Salmon Caviar. This orange roe is clear, juicy, and is an incredible value ... $9.99  Add to basket
Borodino Rye Bread with corianderAmber
750gr $4.49  Add to basket
Sunflower seeds "Tambov wolf" delicious, fried 500 gAgroSouz
500 g $5.69  Add to basket
Moscovskaya cold smokedLithuanian Rye Bread "Kaimska Duona" (Organic)Herring "Norven" in oil 300 gImported Russian Cod LiverImported Russian Seaweed Salad 220 g
Moscovskaya cold smokedAlef Sausage
Net weight 0.5 lb $8.99  Add to basket
Lithuanian Rye Bread "Kaimska Duona" (Organic)lasu duona
900 g. $4.99  Add to basket
Herring "Norven" in oil 300 gNorven
300 g $3.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Cod LiverRed October USA
300 g. $4.49  Add to basket
Imported Russian Seaweed Salad 220 gRed October USA
220gr $1.89  Add to basket
Sprats in Oil "Riga Gold" 240 gSmoke Hunter stick (light)"Tsarskaya" Salmon Caviar 200 gSquash Paste "Lukashinskie" русскаяLithuanian Bread "Housewife"
Sprats in Oil "Riga Gold" 240 gGamma-A "Riga Gold"
240 g $2.79  Add to basket
Smoke Hunter stick (light)Smaltz
Weight 1.2lb $8.99  Add to basket
"Tsarskaya" Salmon Caviar 200 gAwers Inc
Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union. This high-grade salmon roe has well-formed eggs, as well as a lightly salted, delicate taste. Treat your family ... $16.99  Add to basket
Squash Paste "Lukashinskie" русскаяTM "Lukashinskie canned" $3.69  Add to basket
Lithuanian Bread "Housewife"Amber
700gr $3.99  Add to basket
Gingerbread "Tula" w/black currantBig Sprats in Oil "Riga Gold" 160gr"Charmelle" Chocolate Covered Marshmallow (Zefir) ClassicImported Russian Seasoning for PilafImported Buckwheat Groats 2 lb / 908gr (Ukrainian)
Gingerbread "Tula" w/black currantTula confectionary "Yasnay polyana"
with fruit filling
currant $1.29  Add to basket
Big Sprats in Oil "Riga Gold" 160grGamma-A "Riga Gold"
160 gr $1.99  Add to basket
"Charmelle" Chocolate Covered Marshmallow (Zefir) ClassicUdarnitsa
250 g. $5.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Seasoning for PilafMagiya vostoka
Used for cooking pilaf with lamb meat. 40g $0.79  Add to basket
Imported Buckwheat Groats 2 lb / 908gr (Ukrainian)Red October USA
Net weight 2 pounds (908g). $3.79  Add to basket
"Seasoning ""Kavkazskaya"""Millet "Fair" (Yarmarka) 800 gBread sticks "Aromatnaya""Charmelle" Vanilla Marshmallow (Pastila)Sushki "BKK" Vanilla 350 g
"Seasoning ""Kavkazskaya"""Magiya vostoka
NULL $0.79  Add to basket
Millet "Fair" (Yarmarka) 800 gTrading House "Fair"
800 g $2.49  Add to basket
Bread sticks "Aromatnaya"Red October USA
300 g. $2.99  Add to basket
"Charmelle" Vanilla Marshmallow (Pastila)Udarnitsa
221 g. The recipe of making marshmallow has come down to us from ancient times. The first mention of it we find in the cooking books of XIV century. The ... $3.99  Add to basket
Sushki "BKK" Vanilla 350 gBakery-Confectionery Factory Kirov
350 g $2.29  Add to basket
Sunflower Halva "Azov" 350 gHerring "Norven" fillets in oil 1000grImported Russian Semolina "Yarmarka"Lithuanian Bread "Namine"Balik Darnitskiy,  cold smoked
Sunflower Halva "Azov" 350 gAzov confectionery
350gr $3.49  Add to basket
Herring "Norven" fillets in oil 1000grNorven
1000gr $11.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Semolina "Yarmarka"Trading House "Fair"
800gr $2.49  Add to basket
Lithuanian Bread "Namine"Baltasis pyragas
Lithuanian Handmade Natural Frozen RYE Bread. Wt: 750gr $4.99  Add to basket
Balik Darnitskiy, cold smokedAlef Sausage
Net weight 1.6 lb+/- $16.99  Add to basket
Sunflower oil "Rossiyanka" non-rafinatedSmoked becon (Koreyka)Sausage "Moscovskaya" ShmaltzSmoked "Chesnochnaya" KielbasyImported Russian Wafer "Mishka Kosolapi"
Sunflower oil "Rossiyanka" non-rafinatedКубаночка
1 litr $3.99  Add to basket
Smoked becon (Koreyka)Alef Sausage
1.2 lb $9.99  Add to basket
Sausage "Moscovskaya" ShmaltzSmaltz
1.53lb $10.99  Add to basket
Smoked "Chesnochnaya" KielbasySmaltz
1lb/454gr $6.39  Add to basket
Imported Russian Wafer "Mishka Kosolapi"Red October
250g $3.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Gingerbread "Korovka" with Condensed milk FillingImported Russian Seasoning Khmeli-SuneliLithuanian Bread "Ajeru Duona"Dried Berry BarberryEvreyskaya  Dry Salami
Imported Russian Seasoning Khmeli-SuneliMagiya vostoka
15gr. fenugreek, coriander, dill, parsley, basil, black pepper, red bell pepper, savory, marjoram, bay leaf. $0.79  Add to basket
Lithuanian Bread "Ajeru Duona"Baltasis pyragas
"Ajeras" bread have strong flavor of malt, sweat and sour taste. It is prepared with natural ferment and it is baked on the calamus. Calamus gives for ... $4.99  Add to basket
Dried Berry BarberryMagiya vostoka $0.99  Add to basket
Evreyskaya Dry SalamiAlef Sausage
ALEF’s exclusive recipe emphasizes a gentle taste of the premium beef. Ingredients: beef, salt, sugar, garlic, spices. $22.99  Add to basket
Russian Tula Gingerbread with Caramalized MilkWafers "Artek" 200 gSushki "Nevskie" Chelnochonok vanillaBay leaf 15 gTula Gingerbread "Lakomka"
Russian Tula Gingerbread with Caramalized MilkTula confectionary "Yasnay polyana"
Glazed gingerbread made from premium quality flour with cooked condensed milk filling
Net weight 130g $1.29  Add to basket
Wafers "Artek" 200 gRotFront
200 g $2.29  Add to basket
Sushki "Nevskie" Chelnochonok vanillaZAO "Company Nevskaya sushka"
350gr $2.49  Add to basket
Bay leaf 15 gВосточный базар
20 g $0.99  Add to basket
Tula Gingerbread "Lakomka"Tula confectionary "Yasnay polyana" $1.29  Add to basket
Salted Ramson "Lukashinskie" Caucasian styleSunflower seeds "Tambov wolf" delicious, fried XXL 400 gSushki "BKK" Malyutka 350 gGingerbread "Favorite" (Lubimye) classicBarley groats "Yarmarka selected " (bags)
Salted Ramson "Lukashinskie" Caucasian styleTM "Lukashinskie canned"
Salted ramson. No vinegar added. Vol: 380gr $4.99  Add to basket
Sushki "BKK" Malyutka 350 gBakery-Confectionery Factory Kirov
350 g $2.29  Add to basket
Gingerbread "Favorite" (Lubimye) classicRotFront
400gr $2.29  Add to basket
Barley groats "Yarmarka selected " (bags)Trading House "Fair"
4 bags * 62.5gr $1.49  Add to basket
Bagels "BKK" milkSeasoning Adzhika "Magiya vostoka" for fishWaffels "Korovka" stuffed with chocolate 300 gVengherskaya (Hungarian) Salami (stick)""Kremlevskaya" Salmon Caviar 300 g
Bagels "BKK" milkBakery-Confectionery Factory Kirov
315gr $1.99  Add to basket
Seasoning Adzhika "Magiya vostoka" for fishMagiya vostoka $0.79  Add to basket
Waffels "Korovka" stuffed with chocolate 300 gRotFront
300 g $2.79  Add to basket
Vengherskaya (Hungarian) Salami (stick)"Bende and Son Salami Co
Combine the highest quality meat with traditional Hungarian spices and after processing you will achieve a perfect blend that is Hungarian Brand Salami ... $11.99  Add to basket
"Kremlevskaya" Salmon Caviar 300 gAwers Inc
Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union. This high-grade chum salmon roe has well-formed eggs, as well as a lightly salted, delicate taste. Treat your family ... $21.49  Add to basket
Zefir (Marshmallow) "Giselle" chocolate glazed with VanillaSunflower seeds "by Martin" selected 200 gGingerbread "Tula" CranberryMarshmallow (Zephir) "Sweet Stories" with a black currant with chocolate glaze (loose)Sushki "Nevskaya" Malyutka regular
Zefir (Marshmallow) "Giselle" chocolate glazed with VanillaConfectionery factory "Sokol"
454gr $4.99  Add to basket
Sunflower seeds "by Martin" selected 200 gMartin
200 g $3.29  Add to basket
Gingerbread "Tula" CranberryTula confectionary "Yasnay polyana"
130gr $1.29  Add to basket
Marshmallow (Zephir) "Sweet Stories" with a black currant with chocolate glaze (loose)Sormovskya confectionary
Weight 454gr (1lb). Chocolate covered marshmallow with currant pieces in individual packs $4.99  Add to basket
Sushki "Nevskaya" Malyutka regularZAO "Company Nevskaya sushka"
350gr $2.49  Add to basket
Sushki "Nevskie" Malyutka for teaDried Vobla 1lb (1 package) "Ot Palycha"Barley groats "Yarmarka" 800 gEggplant paste "Lukashinskie"Roach (vobla) fillet smoked "Ot Palycha"
Sushki "Nevskie" Malyutka for teaZAO "Company Nevskaya sushka"
230gr $2.49  Add to basket
Dried Vobla 1lb (1 package) "Ot Palycha"Red October USA
454 g. $11.89  Add to basket
Barley groats "Yarmarka" 800 gTrading House "Fair"
800 g $2.29  Add to basket
Eggplant paste "Lukashinskie"TM "Lukashinskie canned" $3.69  Add to basket
Roach (vobla) fillet smoked "Ot Palycha"Red October USA
150 gr $6.59  Add to basket
Sweet corn sticks "Rusik" with vitamins 150 grSeasoning for FishKinto - Sauce "Tkemali" ClassicImported Russain "Boiled Condensed Milk" "Molochnaya Strana""Moskovskaya"  cold smoked dry salami
Sweet corn sticks "Rusik" with vitamins 150 grUpak product
150 g. $2.99  Add to basket
Seasoning for FishMagiya vostoka
Used for all kinds of fish dishes and fish soups.
Net weight 15g. $0.79  Add to basket
Kinto - Sauce "Tkemali" ClassicDarsil
Sour-sweet sauce from selected varieties of red plum Tkemali. Ideal for roasted and baked meat, seafood and vegetable dishes. 380g. $4.59  Add to basket
Imported Russain "Boiled Condensed Milk" "Molochnaya Strana"Erkonproduct
The product with sweet caramel taste, homogeneous, of brown color. For direct consumption.
Net weight 380g. $2.99  Add to basket
"Moskovskaya" cold smoked dry salamiAlef Sausage
Net weight 1.6 lb $22.99  Add to basket
Mayonnaise "Moscow Provansal" Classic 420gCookies "Korovka" with Baked Milk FlavorVanilla Sugar "Preston"Processed Cheese "Druzhba" 200grProcessed Cheese "Yantar" 200gr
Mayonnaise "Moscow Provansal" Classic 420gProducts Solnechnye
420g $3.29  Add to basket
Cookies "Korovka" with Baked Milk FlavorRotFront
375g $2.39  Add to basket
Vanilla Sugar "Preston"Magiya vostoka
Is used in the confectionery products. Is added to cakes, pastries, cookies, Easter cakes, cream, sweet sauces, chocolate, cheese spreads, ice cream, milk ... $0.79  Add to basket
Processed Cheese "Druzhba" 200grKarat
200 g $3.69  Add to basket
Processed Cheese "Yantar" 200grKarat
200gr $3.69  Add to basket
Vanillin "Preston"Pink Salmon Smoked Sticks 40g "Ot Palycha"Sushki "Yarmarka Veseliya" Mini RegularBream fillet smoked "Ot Palycha"Original Kefir Probiotic Plain Unsweetened
Vanillin "Preston"Magiya vostoka
Used in the preparation of cookies, ice-cream, creams and cakes. $0.79  Add to basket
Pink Salmon Smoked Sticks 40g "Ot Palycha"Red October USA
40g $3.99  Add to basket
Sushki "Yarmarka Veseliya" Mini RegularOOO "Lakimka SPb"
200 g $2.89  Add to basket
Bream fillet smoked "Ot Palycha"Red October USA
150 g $6.59  Add to basket
Original Kefir Probiotic Plain UnsweetenedLifeway
Original Kefir probiotic plain unsweetened Weight:944ml/32fl.oz $3.99  Add to basket
Wafer Cake "Alyonka"Smoked Sausage "Karpatskaya"Smoked Dark Sausages Ohotnichy (Hunter's)Salo (bacon) with red peperTomatoes (Pod Ryumochku) 3L
Wafer Cake "Alyonka"Red October
250gr $3.79  Add to basket
Smoked Sausage "Karpatskaya"Smoke house DELI
Weight: +/- 1,2lb (600gr) $12.99  Add to basket
Smoked Dark Sausages Ohotnichy (Hunter's)Alef Sausage
Weight:1 lb $10.99  Add to basket
Salo (bacon) with red peperRed Square
Weight:1.55lb $11.99  Add to basket
Tomatoes (Pod Ryumochku) 3LRed October
2500 g $6.99  Add to basket
Cranberry jam "Hozyin""Sushki ""Malyutka"" on a rope"Moscow Salami "Ivanko"Imported Russian Cooking Citric AcidWhole milk, condensed with sugar "Alekseevskoe"
Cranberry jam "Hozyin"Hozyain
360g $4.99  Add to basket
"Sushki ""Malyutka"" on a rope"ZAO "Company Nevskaya sushka"
350 g. $3.89  Add to basket
Moscow Salami "Ivanko"BELMONT
Beef,pork fat,salt,spice. Weight:1.2lb Product of USA $11.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Cooking Citric AcidMagiya vostoka
Used to improve the products' taste and to prevent syrup from candying. For preparation of kissels, compotes, mousse, jelly. $0.79  Add to basket
Whole milk, condensed with sugar "Alekseevskoe"Ecoproduct
300g $2.99  Add to basket
Marshmallow (Zefir) "Cranberry"Sausage "Estonian""Kuban"  unrefined Sunflower oilSunflower Halva "Azov" 250 gTraditional Blinchiki (Pancakes) "Testov"
Marshmallow (Zefir) "Cranberry"Udarnitsa
Tender masrshmallow by "Udarnitsa" with cranberry taste and pieces. Weight - 160g $3.29  Add to basket
Sausage "Estonian"Groezinger
1.1lb $10.99  Add to basket
"Kuban" unrefined Sunflower oilКубаночка
Vol: 1 litr $4.99  Add to basket
Sunflower Halva "Azov" 250 gAzov confectionery
250 g $2.49  Add to basket
Traditional Blinchiki (Pancakes) "Testov"Atlanta Service
For 27 blinchikov (pancakes) $3.29  Add to basket
Oatmeal Cookies "Classic" 400grImported Russian Zefir with Creme Brulee "Aroma"Pomegranate Sauce "Narsharab" KintoServelat cooked salamiSeasoning for Ravioli
Oatmeal Cookies "Classic" 400grConfectionery company "Polet"
Soft classic oatmeal cookies by "Polet". Weight - 400 g $2.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Zefir with Creme Brulee "Aroma"Udarnitsa
255 g. $4.59  Add to basket
Pomegranate Sauce "Narsharab" KintoDarsil
Narsharab is made from juice of sour garden and wild pomegranate varieties which make its tangy sour pomegranate taste. The sauce perfectly complements ... $8.99  Add to basket
Servelat cooked salamiAlef Sausage
Net weight 2.2 lb $19.99  Add to basket
Seasoning for RavioliMagiya vostoka
Used for aromatic broth during boiling of ravioli.
1 bag per 1 liter of broth
Net weight 15g. $0.79  Add to basket

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Mishka Kosolapy, Kara-Kum, Belochkabest selling Russian chocolates

Russian chocolates
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Russian caviar
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this is an acquired taste, authentic, imported from Latvia.

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