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Pipette glassLechebnyi poyas "Nebat"Calendula 10 sup.Syntomitsin 10 sup.Salipod - Corn Plaster
Pipette glass $0.99  Add to basket
Lechebnyi poyas "Nebat"Reber $13.99  Add to basket
Calendula 10 sup.""
10 sup. $5.99  Add to basket
Syntomitsin 10 sup.Nizhpharm
10 pcs. $7.69  Add to basket
Salipod - Corn PlasterZAT "AUP Sarepta - mediplast"
2x10cm $2.39  Add to basket
Pepper Plaster"Sea Buckthorn Oil" 10 sup.Ichthyol 10 sup.Kuznetsova Ipplicator n108Propolis natural 5 g
Pepper PlasterDivafarma
10x15 $2.29  Add to basket
"Sea Buckthorn Oil" 10 sup.Nizhpharm
10 sup. $5.99  Add to basket
Ichthyol 10 sup.BAT "Monfarm"
10 sup. $5.99  Add to basket
Kuznetsova Ipplicator n108"Zdorov'ya"
108 massage units; size: 17in*11in $16.99  Add to basket
Propolis natural 5 gVerofarm
With the addition of roughage and water, the human body can survive on honey bee pollen alone. This is because it is the only food which contains, in perfect ... $4.99  Add to basket
Nanoplast forte 7*9cm (Pain relief patch)Formic SpiritGalazolin 0,1%Chlorophyllipt 15mlWarmer Rubber 3, 3l
Nanoplast forte 7*9cm (Pain relief patch)TOV "DKL" Pharmaceutical factory" $11.99  Add to basket
Formic SpiritBAT "Himpharmzavod "Chervona zirka"
50ml $2.59  Add to basket
Galazolin 0,1%Warsaw Pharmaceutical plant Polfa
Nasal drops 0,1% 10ml $4.99  Add to basket
Chlorophyllipt 15ml"03 "
Spray $5.99  Add to basket
Warmer Rubber 3, 3lKievGuma $10.49  Add to basket
Powder "Badyaga" (spongilla)Medical gauze unsterileUnsterile medical wadding cottonAnuzol 10sup.Chlorophyllipt Solution 20ml
Powder "Badyaga" (spongilla)LLC "Reka-Farm"
5gr $1.99  Add to basket
Medical gauze unsterileDivafarma $4.79  Add to basket
Unsterile medical wadding cottonJSC "Irbitsk chemical-pharmaceutical factory"
100 g $2.99  Add to basket
Anuzol 10sup.Nizhpharm
10 pcs. $5.99  Add to basket
Chlorophyllipt Solution 20ml""
20ml $3.89  Add to basket
Galazolin 0.05%Kuznetsova Ipplicator n56Celsius ThermometerGauze (medical)Anestezol 10sup.
Galazolin 0.05%Warsaw Pharmaceutical plant Polfa
Nasal drops for children 0.05% 10ml $4.99  Add to basket
Kuznetsova Ipplicator n56"Zdorov'ya"
n56 $11.99  Add to basket
Celsius ThermometerBAT "Himpharmzavod "Chervona zirka" $3.99  Add to basket
Gauze (medical)Divafarma
500cm 90cm $7.29  Add to basket
Anestezol 10sup.Nizhpharm
10 pcs. $5.99  Add to basket

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