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Chernika (Bilberry) with carrots "Dobrynya"Vitamins "Blueberry" plus 50Bear fat "Sustamed" 200 mlMumijo (Cleansed) 5grBadger Oil 250ml
Chernika (Bilberry) with carrots "Dobrynya"Verofarm
50 tablets. Effective eye relief complex. $2.99  Add to basket
Vitamins "Blueberry" plus 50Verofarm
50 tablets. Effective eye relief complex. $2.99  Add to basket
Bear fat "Sustamed" 200 mlOOO "Fitosila"
200 ml $9.99  Add to basket
Mumijo (Cleansed) 5grTOB "Biovit" Kyrgyzstan
5 g $4.49  Add to basket
Badger Oil 250mlConcern Uralvitaminy
Healing-prophylactic preparation. Enhances protein metabolism. Increases the immunity. 250 g $19.99  Add to basket
Brewer's yeast 100 tab."Berestov" Honey with Royal JellyBirch Bath BroomBear Oil 120 caps.Marmot fat "Dobrynya"
Brewer's yeast 100 tab.BAT "Monfarm"
100 tab. $4.99  Add to basket
"Berestov" Honey with Royal JellyBerestov's Private apiaries
500g $14.99  Add to basket
Birch Bath BroomAO "STOMA" $19.99  Add to basket
Bear Oil 120 caps.OOO "Fitosila"
120 caps. $13.59  Add to basket
Marmot fat "Dobrynya"Verofarm
200ml. Marmots fat is used in medicine as a natural and effective remedy, which have bacterial, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulating and general health-improving ... $6.99  Add to basket
Rose hip syrupAevit 20 caps.      
Rose hip syrupBIOKON
250ml. Rosehip Syrup enhances nonspecific resistance, enhance tissue regeneration, reducing vascular permeability, the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism ... $5.99  Add to basket
Aevit 20 caps.""
Vitamin A + Vitamin E $5.99  Add to basket

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