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Validol 10 tab.Valerian Extract (Bottle)No-spa 100 tabImported "Mezim Forte" 20 tab.Pipette glass
Validol 10 tab.Divafarma
10tab / 60mg $1.49  Add to basket
Valerian Extract (Bottle)RUP "Borisov plant medperparatov"
50tab $1.79  Add to basket
No-spa 100 tabDempurg
100tab $21.29  Add to basket
Imported "Mezim Forte" 20 tab.BERLIN-CHEMIE $6.89  Add to basket
Pipette glass $0.99  Add to basket
Corvalol "Farmak" Heart DropsDecaris tab. 50 mg N2Imported Russian Ointment "Synthomycin"Tablets "Diklofenak" retard 100 mg 20 tab.Mustard Plasters with eucalyptus oil 10 pcs.
Corvalol "Farmak" Heart DropsFarmaKom
25ml $10.99  Add to basket
Decaris tab. 50 mg N2Gedeon Richter $9.49  Add to basket
Imported Russian Ointment "Synthomycin"Nizhpharm
25 g. 10% $4.99  Add to basket
Tablets "Diklofenak" retard 100 mg 20 tab.Hemofarm
100 mg 20 tab. $9.49  Add to basket
Mustard Plasters with eucalyptus oil 10 pcs.Ltd. "Farmika"
10 pcs. $1.99  Add to basket
Imported Novo-Passit 100ml (product of Czech Republic)Ointment  "Flucinar" 0.025%Cream-balm "Sea-Buckthorn " with mumiyoAerosol "Kameton" (diseases of the nose, pharynx, larynx)Iodine Solution 5%
Imported Novo-Passit 100ml (product of Czech Republic)Divafarma
100ml. Liquid Sedative syrup. $11.99  Add to basket
Ointment "Flucinar" 0.025%JELFA Pharmaceutical Company
This medicine contains the active ingredient fluocinolone acetonide, which is a type of medicine known as a corticosteroid (or steroid). Corticosteroids ... $12.99  Add to basket
Cream-balm "Sea-Buckthorn " with mumiyoDzhinella $6.59  Add to basket
Aerosol "Kameton" (diseases of the nose, pharynx, larynx)BAT "Monfarm"
30 g $8.99  Add to basket
Iodine Solution 5%BAT "Himpharmzavod "Chervona zirka"
20 ml $2.39  Add to basket
Spray "Ingalipt"Imported "Finalgon" Ointment  20 g5-NOK (Nitroksolin) 50 tab.Eye ointment "Tetracycline" 1%Spazmalgon 20 tab
Spray "Ingalipt"AO "STOMA"
Throat spray. 30 g $7.59  Add to basket
Imported "Finalgon" Ointment 20 gBayer
20 g $15.99  Add to basket
5-NOK (Nitroksolin) 50 tab.Lek Pharma $11.49  Add to basket
Eye ointment "Tetracycline" 1%Tathimpharmpreparati
10 g $10.99  Add to basket
Spazmalgon 20 tabACTAVIS $8.49  Add to basket
Iodine PenChernika (Bilberry) with carrots "Dobrynya"Vitamins "Blueberry" plus 50Herbal mix "Bronhofit" #20Vormil (Albendazol)
Iodine PenCompany "Lekker"
3ml $1.99  Add to basket
Chernika (Bilberry) with carrots "Dobrynya"Verofarm
50 tablets. Effective eye relief complex. $2.99  Add to basket
Vitamins "Blueberry" plus 50Verofarm
50 tablets. Effective eye relief complex. $2.99  Add to basket
Herbal mix "Bronhofit" #20Vigado
20 tea-bags 1.5gr each $7.99  Add to basket
Vormil (Albendazol)Georg BioSystems $12.99  Add to basket
Chistotiel CreamNo-spa 24 tab.Propolis natural 5 gCream "Beggarticks" (Chereda)Ampicillin 250 mg
Chistotiel CreamDAN PHARM
70 ml $6.99  Add to basket
No-spa 24 tab.Dempurg
24tab $10.99  Add to basket
Propolis natural 5 gVerofarm
With the addition of roughage and water, the human body can survive on honey bee pollen alone. This is because it is the only food which contains, in perfect ... $4.99  Add to basket
Cream "Beggarticks" (Chereda)DAN PHARM $6.99  Add to basket
Ampicillin 250 mgArterium
250 mg $10.99  Add to basket
Imported Novo-Passit 30 tab. (product of Czech Republic)Imported Russian Glycine Forte 20 tab.Chloramphenicol-DF (Levomycetin) 0.25%Imported Nasal Drops "Pinosol"Wormwood (grass)  chopped
Imported Novo-Passit 30 tab. (product of Czech Republic)Divafarma
30 tab. Sedative tablets $19.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Glycine Forte 20 tab.Evalar
20 tab. $5.99  Add to basket
Chloramphenicol-DF (Levomycetin) 0.25%Hemofarm
10 ml. Eye drops $5.99  Add to basket
Imported Nasal Drops "Pinosol"PARAPHARMACY
10ml. $6.99  Add to basket
Wormwood (grass) choppedLtd. "Lekra SET-Siberia"
The infusion of wormwood is recommended as bitterness to excite the appetite and improve the performance of the digestive organs, as well as an anthelmintic ... $3.59  Add to basket
Sea buckthorn fruits 50 gPertussin (cough syrup)Ointment camphorFastum gelGlycine 50 tab.
Sea buckthorn fruits 50 gLtd. "Horst Company"
50 g $4.99  Add to basket
Pertussin (cough syrup)ZAO Pharmaceutical Factory "Viola"
100 g $3.99  Add to basket
Ointment camphorBAT "Monfarm"
25gr $2.49  Add to basket
50g $11.29  Add to basket
Glycine 50 tab.Medical Research and Production Complex "Biotics"
50tab. Glycine $6.99  Add to basket
Presto gel (Israel) Ani-Hemoroid creamRaspberry leaves 50 gFlucinar gel 15 gBeggarticksGinseng Tincture 25ml
Presto gel (Israel) Ani-Hemoroid creamDon Pharm
Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids search for alternative solutions to minimize their pain and suffering, most hemorrhoid treatments available today ... $19.99  Add to basket
Raspberry leaves 50 gLtd. "Horst Company"
50 g $2.99  Add to basket
Flucinar gel 15 gJELFA Pharmaceutical Company
15 g $12.99  Add to basket
50 g $3.29  Add to basket
Ginseng Tincture 25mlVerofarm
25ml $2.99  Add to basket
Bromhexine 8 Berlin-ChemieSenade 20 tab. (India)Calendula 10 sup.Ichthyol 10 sup.Persen Forte 20 caps.
Bromhexine 8 Berlin-ChemieBERLIN-CHEMIE
25 tab $5.19  Add to basket
Senade 20 tab. (India)7 $2.29  Add to basket
Calendula 10 sup.""
10 sup. $5.99  Add to basket
Ichthyol 10 sup.BAT "Monfarm"
10 sup. $5.99  Add to basket
Persen Forte 20 caps.BERLIN-CHEMIE
20 caps. $17.99  Add to basket
Tinctura CalendulaOintment "Lorinden A" 15 gOintment "Lorinden C" 15 gRaunatin - Health 20 tab.Coltsfoot Leaves
Tinctura CalendulaJSC "Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory
40ml $1.99  Add to basket
Ointment "Lorinden A" 15 gJELFA Pharmaceutical Company
15 g $12.99  Add to basket
Ointment "Lorinden C" 15 gJELFA Pharmaceutical Company
15 g
Lorinden C Ointment for external use contains active substances: Flumethazon and lodine-chlorhydroxichinolin.

Lorinden C Ointment acts ... $12.99  Add to basket
Raunatin - Health 20 tab.ACTAVIS
20 tab. $5.99  Add to basket
Coltsfoot LeavesLtd. "Horst Company"
50g $4.39  Add to basket
Corn Columns with Stigmas 100grCough Tablets 10 tabPepper PlasterOak BarkKuka syrup 100 ml (cough)
Corn Columns with Stigmas 100grDivafarma
100g $3.39  Add to basket
Cough Tablets 10 tabTathimpharmpreparati $2.99  Add to basket
Pepper PlasterDivafarma
10x15 $2.29  Add to basket
Oak BarkDivafarma
50g $2.99  Add to basket
Kuka syrup 100 ml (cough)"03 "
100 ml $9.99  Add to basket
Castor oil 50mlPlantain (Podorozhnik) 50 gDoctor MOM (Syrup)Maraslavin (paradentosis treatment)Chlorophyllipt (100ml) spirit tincture
Castor oil 50mlBAT "Himpharmzavod "Chervona zirka"
50 g $3.99  Add to basket
Plantain (Podorozhnik) 50 gLtd. "Horst Company"
50 g $2.99  Add to basket
Doctor MOM (Syrup)Unique Pharmaceutical
Cough syrup 120 g $9.49  Add to basket
Maraslavin (paradentosis treatment)Sopharma (Bulgaria)
100 g $7.99  Add to basket
Chlorophyllipt (100ml) spirit tinctureDivafarma
100 ml $7.99  Add to basket
Balsam ( Zvyozdochka )Faringosept 20Fitolizin paste 100gMumijo (Cleansed) 5grAntitussinum (cough relief tablets)
Balsam ( Zvyozdochka )FORIPHARM
4 gr. $3.99  Add to basket
Faringosept 20Ambazon
For sore throat - 20 tab. $9.99  Add to basket
Fitolizin paste 100gBAT "Himpharmzavod "Chervona zirka"
100gr. Herbapol-stone prevention, and helping patients with urinary tract infections $18.79  Add to basket
Mumijo (Cleansed) 5grTOB "Biovit" Kyrgyzstan
5 g $4.49  Add to basket
Antitussinum (cough relief tablets)TOB "Ternofarm"
10 tab $1.59  Add to basket
Imported Ukrainian "Brilliant Green" Solution (zelenka)Doctor MOM (Ointment)Salicylic-Zinc Ointment (Lassar paste)Teimurov's PasteProposol (Spray with Propolis) 25gr
Doctor MOM (Ointment)Unique Pharmaceutical
Colds ointment Dr. IOM is used in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases, accompanied by a runny nose, feeling of nasal congestion, as well as for ... $7.69  Add to basket
Salicylic-Zinc Ointment (Lassar paste)ZAO Pharmaceutical Factory "Viola"
25 g $2.19  Add to basket
Teimurov's PasteAkvarius
25 g $4.99  Add to basket
Proposol (Spray with Propolis) 25gr"Zdorov'ya"
25 g $6.59  Add to basket
Imported Russian "Oxolinic" OintmentEucalyptus Tincture 25mlImported Russian Camphor Spirit (liquid)Salipod - Corn PlasterDry "Violet" Herb (cough, arthritis)
Imported Russian "Oxolinic" OintmentNizhpharm
10 g. 0.025% $4.99  Add to basket
Eucalyptus Tincture 25ml""
25ml $1.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Camphor Spirit (liquid)BAT "Himpharmzavod "Chervona zirka"
40ml $2.29  Add to basket
Salipod - Corn PlasterZAT "AUP Sarepta - mediplast"
2x10cm $2.39  Add to basket
Dry "Violet" Herb (cough, arthritis)""
50g $2.99  Add to basket
Hawthorn FruitBadger Oil 250mlImported Russian "Ovesol" 40 tab.Powder "Polyphepan"Ascorbic acid (with raspberry)
Hawthorn Fruit""
50g $3.29  Add to basket
Badger Oil 250mlConcern Uralvitaminy
Healing-prophylactic preparation. Enhances protein metabolism. Increases the immunity. 250 g $19.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian "Ovesol" 40 tab.Evalar $9.99  Add to basket
Powder "Polyphepan"7
10 g $0.99  Add to basket
Ascorbic acid (with raspberry)BIOKON $1.29  Add to basket
Camomile Flowers"Sea Buckthorn Oil" 10 sup.Panangin 50 pil.Lechebnyi poyas "Nebat""Brilliant Green" Solution (zelenka) Pen
Camomile FlowersDivafarma
50g $2.79  Add to basket
"Sea Buckthorn Oil" 10 sup.Nizhpharm
10 sup. $5.99  Add to basket
Panangin 50 pil.Gedeon Richter $17.99  Add to basket
Lechebnyi poyas "Nebat"Reber $13.99  Add to basket
"Brilliant Green" Solution (zelenka) Pen"03 "
3ml $1.99  Add to basket
Naftizin 0.1% (naphazoline) 15 mlLevomitsetin 10 tab.Brewer's yeast 100 tab.Mummy (Cleansed) "Altay" 60 tab.Thyme (Chabrets)
Naftizin 0.1% (naphazoline) 15 mlFarma Company "Obnovlenie"
15ml $3.29  Add to basket
Levomitsetin 10 tab.JSC "Irbitsk chemical-pharmaceutical factory"
10 tab. $3.49  Add to basket
Brewer's yeast 100 tab.BAT "Monfarm"
100 tab. $4.99  Add to basket
Mummy (Cleansed) "Altay" 60 tab.Altai-farm
60tab $11.99  Add to basket
Thyme (Chabrets)Altai-farm
50gr $2.99  Add to basket
Naftizin 0.1% (naphazoline) 15 mlLoperamide 20 tab.Super CelandineCream "Salvasor"Asparkam (50 pills)
Naftizin 0.1% (naphazoline) 15 mlFarma Company "Obnovlenie" $2.99  Add to basket
Loperamide 20 tab."" $4.99  Add to basket
Super CelandineBAT "Himpharmzavod "Chervona zirka"
1.5 ml $3.39  Add to basket
Cream "Salvasor"DAN PHARM
For the treeatment and relief of very dry, rough, irritated and reddish skin
Contains natural ingredients
60 g $12.99  Add to basket
Asparkam (50 pills)JSC "Lugansk chemical-pharmaceutical factory"
50 tab. $4.99  Add to basket

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