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No-spa 100 tabValerian Extract (Bottle)Chistotiel CreamImported "Mezim Forte" 20 tab.Balsam ( Zvyozdochka )
No-spa 100 tabDempurg
100tab $21.29  Add to basket
Valerian Extract (Bottle)RUP "Borisov plant medperparatov"
50tab $1.79  Add to basket
Chistotiel CreamDAN PHARM
70 ml $6.99  Add to basket
Imported "Mezim Forte" 20 tab.BERLIN-CHEMIE $6.89  Add to basket
Balsam ( Zvyozdochka )FORIPHARM
4 gr. $3.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian "Chaga" (Birch Mushroom)Valerian TinctureFitolizin paste 100gBuckthorn barkAllocholum 50 tab
Imported Russian "Chaga" (Birch Mushroom)Naturalis
50g. Inonotus obliquus. $3.49  Add to basket
Valerian TinctureTOB "Ternofarm"
25 g $1.99  Add to basket
Fitolizin paste 100gBAT "Himpharmzavod "Chervona zirka"
100gr. Herbapol-stone prevention, and helping patients with urinary tract infections $18.79  Add to basket
Buckthorn barkLtd. "Horst Company"
50 g $3.59  Add to basket
Allocholum 50 tabBelogory
50 tab $6.79  Add to basket
Festal (10 pills)Glycine 50 tab.Badger Oil 250mlRose hip syrupImported Russian Glycine Forte 20 tab.
Festal (10 pills)Aventis
10 tab $3.29  Add to basket
Glycine 50 tab.Medical Research and Production Complex "Biotics"
50tab. Glycine $6.99  Add to basket
Badger Oil 250mlConcern Uralvitaminy
Healing-prophylactic preparation. Enhances protein metabolism. Increases the immunity. 250 g $19.99  Add to basket
Rose hip syrupBIOKON
250ml. Rosehip Syrup enhances nonspecific resistance, enhance tissue regeneration, reducing vascular permeability, the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism ... $5.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Glycine Forte 20 tab.Evalar
20 tab. $5.99  Add to basket
Naftizin 0.1% (naphazoline) 10mlSanorin (Drops)Rubbing (rastirka) body "Dr. Vera" with eucalyptus and aniseAevit 20 caps.Linden Flowers
Naftizin 0.1% (naphazoline) 10mlFarmaco
10ml. nasal drops. $3.49  Add to basket
Sanorin (Drops)Divafarma
10ml $5.99  Add to basket
Aevit 20 caps.""
Vitamin A + Vitamin E $5.99  Add to basket
Linden Flowers""
50 g $2.89  Add to basket
Celandine HerbMummy (Cleansed) "Altay" 60 tab.Strawberry Leaves 30 gViburnum fruits 50 gRaspberry leaves 50 g
Celandine HerbDivafarma
50g $4.89  Add to basket
Mummy (Cleansed) "Altay" 60 tab.Altai-farm
60tab $11.99  Add to basket
Strawberry Leaves 30 gLtd. "Horst Company"
30 g $3.49  Add to basket
Viburnum fruits 50 gLtd. "Horst Company"
50 g $3.89  Add to basket
Raspberry leaves 50 gLtd. "Horst Company"
50 g $2.99  Add to basket
"Sustamed" Badger fat 120 capsTeimurov's PasteHawthorn FruitPresto Gel suppositoriesSea buckthorn fruits 50 g
"Sustamed" Badger fat 120 capsOOO "Fitosila"
120 caps $13.59  Add to basket
Teimurov's PasteAkvarius
25 g $4.99  Add to basket
Hawthorn Fruit""
50g $3.29  Add to basket
Presto Gel suppositoriesDon Pharm
Rectal suppositories. 12 pcs. Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids search for alternative solutions to minimize their pain and suffering, most hemorrhoid ... $13.99  Add to basket
Sea buckthorn fruits 50 gLtd. "Horst Company"
50 g $4.99  Add to basket
Chlorophyllipt (100ml) spirit tinctureImported Novo-Passit 100ml (product of Czech Republic)Fitosed (sedative syrup)Doctor MOM (Syrup)Bird cherry fruits (cheremukha) 50 g
Chlorophyllipt (100ml) spirit tinctureDivafarma
100 ml $7.99  Add to basket
Imported Novo-Passit 100ml (product of Czech Republic)Divafarma
100ml. Liquid Sedative syrup. $11.99  Add to basket
Fitosed (sedative syrup)BAT "Himpharmzavod "Chervona zirka"
100 mg $8.49  Add to basket
Doctor MOM (Syrup)Unique Pharmaceutical
Cough syrup 120 g $9.49  Add to basket
Bird cherry fruits (cheremukha) 50 g""
50 g $3.99  Add to basket
Plantain (Podorozhnik) 50 gLilly of the Valley-Valeriana DropsPasta RosentalEucalyptus Viminalis LeavesPlantain Juice
Plantain (Podorozhnik) 50 gLtd. "Horst Company"
50 g $2.99  Add to basket
Lilly of the Valley-Valeriana DropsTOB "Ternofarm"
25ml $2.29  Add to basket
Pasta RosentalTOB "Ternofarm"
50g $4.19  Add to basket
Eucalyptus Viminalis LeavesDivafarma
50g $2.89  Add to basket
Plantain JuiceLubnyfarm
100ml $9.99  Add to basket
Imported Ukrainian Motherwort TinctureEhinacea TinctureDoctor MOM (Ointment)Boric Acid (Ethanol Solution) 25mlMucalthinum
Imported Ukrainian Motherwort TinctureTOV "DKL" Pharmaceutical factory"
25ml $1.99  Add to basket
Ehinacea TinctureDivafarma
50ml $2.89  Add to basket
Doctor MOM (Ointment)Unique Pharmaceutical
Colds ointment Dr. IOM is used in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases, accompanied by a runny nose, feeling of nasal congestion, as well as for ... $7.69  Add to basket
Boric Acid (Ethanol Solution) 25mlOOO DCP Pharmaceutical factory
25ml $1.99  Add to basket
MucalthinumAT "Halychpharm"
10 tab. $1.99  Add to basket
Valerian Root 50 tab.Imported Russian "Vishnevsky" Ointment (balsam)Imported Russian Eleutherococcus Extract LiquidLugol Solution with GlycerinMustard powder
Valerian Root 50 tab.
50 tab $1.79  Add to basket
Imported Russian "Vishnevsky" Ointment (balsam)Warsaw Pharmaceutical plant Polfa
30 g $3.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Eleutherococcus Extract LiquidDivafarma
50ml $2.99  Add to basket
Lugol Solution with GlycerinBAT "Himpharmzavod "Chervona zirka"
25 g $2.49  Add to basket
Mustard powderAventis
400 g $1.99  Add to basket
Bromhexine 8 Berlin-ChemieWarmer Rubber 3, 3lThyme (Chabrets)Bearberry (bearish ear) leaves shreddedMarmot fat "Dobrynya"
Bromhexine 8 Berlin-ChemieBERLIN-CHEMIE
25 tab $5.19  Add to basket
Warmer Rubber 3, 3lKievGuma $10.49  Add to basket
Thyme (Chabrets)Altai-farm
50gr $2.99  Add to basket
Bearberry (bearish ear) leaves shreddedLtd. "Lekra SET-Siberia"
Decoction of bearberry has disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect. It is recommended for diseases of the bladder and urinary tract stone disease ... $2.99  Add to basket
Marmot fat "Dobrynya"Verofarm
200ml. Marmots fat is used in medicine as a natural and effective remedy, which have bacterial, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulating and general health-improving ... $6.99  Add to basket
BeggartickslendulaSanorin (Drops) 10 ml. 0,05%Golden mumiyo 20 tab.Prostamol uno 30 caps.
50 g $3.29  Add to basket
50g $3.29  Add to basket
Sanorin (Drops) 10 ml. 0,05%AT "Halychpharm" $5.99  Add to basket
Golden mumiyo 20 tab.Evalar
20 tab. $8.59  Add to basket
Prostamol uno 30 caps.BERLIN-CHEMIE
30 caps. $38.99  Add to basket
Presto gel (Israel) Ani-Hemoroid creamImported "Beinwell-Salbe" Dr. TheissSenade 20 tab. (India)Topinambur (Jerusalem Artichoke) 40tabBalsam "Sustamed" Marmot fat 75 g
Presto gel (Israel) Ani-Hemoroid creamDon Pharm
Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids search for alternative solutions to minimize their pain and suffering, most hemorrhoid treatments available today ... $19.99  Add to basket
Imported "Beinwell-Salbe" Dr. TheissDr. Theiss
50 gr $15.99  Add to basket
Senade 20 tab. (India)7 $2.29  Add to basket
Topinambur (Jerusalem Artichoke) 40tab""
40 tablets 0.5gr each $6.99  Add to basket
Balsam "Sustamed" Marmot fat 75 gOOO "Fitosila"
marmot fat
75 g $6.79  Add to basket
Balsam "Sustamed" (bear fat) 75 gBody Cream "Sophia"Body Cream "Sophia" with bee venomMumiyo sup. 10 pcs.Propolis (Suppositories 10 pcs)
Balsam "Sustamed" (bear fat) 75 gOOO "Fitosila"
bear fat cream
75 g $6.79  Add to basket
Body Cream "Sophia"ForaFarm
Complex with chondroitin and glucosamine - effective chondroprotector, natural remedy for prevention of diseases of the joints and spine. Promotes to the ... $8.59  Add to basket
Body Cream "Sophia" with bee venomForaFarm $8.69  Add to basket
Mumiyo sup. 10 pcs."" $9.99  Add to basket
Propolis (Suppositories 10 pcs)"" $9.29  Add to basket
Spazmalgon 20 tab"Berestov" Honey with Royal JellyLugol Spray 45mlCamomile FlowersPumpan (drops)
Spazmalgon 20 tabACTAVIS $8.49  Add to basket
"Berestov" Honey with Royal JellyBerestov's Private apiaries
500g $14.99  Add to basket
Lugol Spray 45ml""
45ml $9.99  Add to basket
Camomile FlowersDivafarma
50g $2.79  Add to basket
Pumpan (drops)Amour
20ml $15.79  Add to basket
Imported Novo-Passit 30 tab. (product of Czech Republic)Galazolin 0,1%Imported Russian Hawthorn Tincture 25mlMilk thistle fruits 100 gPropolis natural 5 g
Imported Novo-Passit 30 tab. (product of Czech Republic)Divafarma
30 tab. Sedative tablets $19.99  Add to basket
Galazolin 0,1%Warsaw Pharmaceutical plant Polfa
Nasal drops 0,1% 10ml $4.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Hawthorn Tincture 25mlTOB "Ternofarm"
25ml $1.99  Add to basket
Milk thistle fruits 100 g""
100 g $4.99  Add to basket
Propolis natural 5 gVerofarm
With the addition of roughage and water, the human body can survive on honey bee pollen alone. This is because it is the only food which contains, in perfect ... $4.99  Add to basket
Cream "Beggarticks" (Chereda)Befungin (against gastritis)Imported Russian Wormwood TinctureBuckthorn Syrup (laxative)Birch Tar 30ml
Cream "Beggarticks" (Chereda)DAN PHARM $6.99  Add to basket
Befungin (against gastritis)Tathimpharmpreparati
120 g $14.79  Add to basket
Imported Russian Wormwood TinctureTOB "Ternofarm"
25ml $1.99  Add to basket
Buckthorn Syrup (laxative)Lugal
100ml $6.99  Add to basket
Birch Tar 30mlBiolit
30ml $3.99  Add to basket
Nystatin ointment 15 gr.Knot-grassBuds pine 50 gImported Russian Ointment "Synthomycin"Kipryei uzkolistnyi (Willow-herb) 50 g
Nystatin ointment 15 gr.Lubnyfarm
15 gr. $6.49  Add to basket
50 g $3.59  Add to basket
Buds pine 50 gLtd. "Horst Company"
50 g $4.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Ointment "Synthomycin"Nizhpharm
25 g. 10% $4.99  Add to basket
Kipryei uzkolistnyi (Willow-herb) 50 gLtd. "Horst Company"
50 g $3.49  Add to basket
Powder "Polyphepan"Rose Hip FruitSanorin (Emulsion) Nasal DropsDrops V.Ogarkova forte (laxative)Chlorophillipt 40
Powder "Polyphepan"7
10 g $0.99  Add to basket
Rose Hip FruitDivafarma
100 g $3.49  Add to basket
Sanorin (Emulsion) Nasal DropsOAO Pharmaceutical company "Health"
with eucalipt oil. 10ml $6.99  Add to basket
Drops V.Ogarkova forte (laxative)ZAO Pharmaceutical Factory "Viola"
Laxative $4.99  Add to basket
Chlorophillipt 40AT "Halychpharm"
40 Tabs $5.99  Add to basket
Willow barkImported "Finalgon" Ointment  20 gBear Oil 120 caps.Chlorophyllipt 15mlLavender flowers and grass 50 g
Willow barkLtd. "Horst Company"
50 g $3.29  Add to basket
Imported "Finalgon" Ointment 20 gBayer
20 g $15.99  Add to basket
Bear Oil 120 caps.OOO "Fitosila"
120 caps. $13.59  Add to basket
Chlorophyllipt 15ml"03 "
Spray $5.99  Add to basket
Lavender flowers and grass 50 g""
50 g $3.49  Add to basket

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