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Imported Russian Bread Drink"Ochakovsky" 2LKvas "Ochakovskiy"Kvass Wort Concentrate "Russian"Kvass Wort Concentrate "Slavyanskiy"  
Imported Russian Bread Drink"Ochakovsky" 2LOchakovo
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Kvas "Ochakovskiy"Ochakovo $1.79  Add to basket
Kvass Wort Concentrate "Russian"Red October USA
550 g. Concentrate for kvass. Made from grain raw material. $2.49  Add to basket
Kvass Wort Concentrate "Slavyanskiy"Red October USA
550 g. Concentrate for kvass. Made from grain raw material.25 liters of kvas $2.49  Add to basket

One of the most popular soft drink in Russia is available at our online product shop for you. This fermented beverage sometimes called "a rye bread drink" or "bread cider" in the United States. We recommend you taste it at least once: made of black or rye bread, the beverage may come with a variety of components similar to those which can be found in beer and a distinctly sweet "bready" taste. Yet we offer only non-alcohol Russian national drink - kvass at RussianTable. According to all standards it's classified as a drink with no or low alcohol content (0, 5 - 1%)

This alternative to Pepsi and Coca-Cola is also very nutritious - kvass is known as salubrious and healthy bread drink. In terms of usefulness Russian kvas improves blood circulation and metabolism. It's also rich simple sugars, lactic acid, quenches your thirst and improves digestion. Buy kvass online if you want to get some additional list of useful elements: as its general component is rye, it becomes a great source of magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B-1, B-2 and amino-acids.


Russian kvas is originally made by the natural fermentation of bread, such as barley, wheat, rye and sometimes added with flavorings like berries, fruit, raisins, or birch sap gathered during the early spring.

We offer best brands of kvas that is made like many other worlds known soft drinks in the United States, using carbonated water, malt extract, sugar, and mentioned flavorings. It is often produced by alcohol drink rather than soft drink manufacturers, they most likely to use a variation of the traditional processes to brew their beverage products. Kvass is commonly brewed unfiltered, with the yeast still in it, which enriches to its unique taste as well as its great vitamin B-1 and B-2 content.

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