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Iris "Kis-Kis" 1 lb.Toffee "Zolotoy Klyuchik" (Golden Key) 1 lb."Gematogen" with vitamin CToffee "Krepysh" 1 lb.Toffee iris "Creamy"
Iris "Kis-Kis" 1 lb.Red October
Milky toffee with creamy taste. 454gr $4.49  Add to basket
Toffee "Zolotoy Klyuchik" (Golden Key) 1 lb.Red October
Milky toffee with creamy taste. 454gr $4.29  Add to basket
"Gematogen" with vitamin CRebirth and development
Nutrition Bar. Weight - 50gr $1.19  Add to basket
Toffee "Krepysh" 1 lb.Red October
Net weight 454g $4.79  Add to basket
Toffee iris "Creamy"Confectionery "Nadzhda"
245gr $2.49  Add to basket
Chocolate toffee iris "Children"        
Chocolate toffee iris "Children"Bolshevik
245 gr $2.49  Add to basket

This is a special rare dessert you won't purchase anywhere else. It's a very tasteful combination of two sweet flavors: toffee brittle and a coating of soft white chocolate dessert. Once you taste one our Russian taffy you will be glad to obtain an entire box!

It's the best example of our well-known, old-fashioned, chewy and rich, taffy sweets from Russia. The perfect treat and party snack.

Discover Russian Taffy Candy Deliciousness

At RussianTable USA, you can always have a chance to discover an exquisite choice of Russian toffee candies. Made using only natural ingredients, these sugary treats will melt in your mouth and leave behind a sweet, rich and lingering taste. Bulk taffy available at the online store will also make a wonderful present for a loved one.

Milky toffee or cream filling, whatever be your prefer, our inline store of Russian sweets has just the right kind of desserts that are sure will satisfy your sugary cravings. RussianTable is committed to make your candy and chocolate online shopping experience a pleasant one. Whether you want to buy chocolates and candies for your kids, for people you love or for yourself, RussainTable is your one stop, convenient online candy store. Explore our shop to buy candies, chocolates, fruity draggees and assorted Russian toffee chocolate online at fair prices.

The unique Russian sweet taffy candy

Russian taffy candy bars or chocolate (tyanuchki or iris) are known as a very sugary toffee-like sweet made by careful heating of equal amounts of cream or milk, chocolate and sugar. It is one of the most common national types of dessert meal in East European and Nordic countries. Karl Fazer was the person who brought the very first recipe of Russian sweet taffy to Finland from St. Petersburg. It is a candy made by caramelizing sugar combined with butter, and sometimes flour. This mixture is heated up to the hard

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