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Kissel "Russian product" RaspberryKissel "Russian product" CherryKissel "Russian product" CurrantKissel "Russian product" StrawberryKissel "Russian product" Berry
Kissel "Russian product" RaspberryRussian Product
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Kissel "Russian product" CherryRussian Product
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Kissel "Russian product" CurrantRussian Product
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Kissel "Russian product" StrawberryRussian Product
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Kissel "Russian product" BerryRussian Product
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Kissel "Russian product" fruits and berries        
Kissel "Russian product" fruits and berriesRussian Product
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Our online food store offers traditional Russian viscous fruit-based drink - Kissel (or kisel). This dish usually served as a dessert and consists of sugary juice thickened with cornstarch. It's very easy and quick for preparation. You only need a pot of boiled water and a packet of powder from our food shop to taste one of the most favorite childhood treats. You can enjoy it warm as well as cold.

In case you have no chance to go to a forest and gather some berries or no money to afford fruit at the market, you can always order kisel drink online at our store of imported Russian food.

RussianTable offers different flavors of this fine traditional Russian dish, such as black currant, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry kissel and other types for you.

Healthy benefits of Kisels

Kissel is very nutritious, rich in calories meal, due to high starch content, it contains a lot of useful vitamins. It also provides the effect of suppression for gastric mucosal inflammation, which is very useful for people with gastrointestinal diseases. Easily consumed: can be eaten both with a spoon or consumed by drinking. Either way this meal is included to dieting products list useful for gastric diseases.

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