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Sea Buckthorn – Face Wash without S.L.S (Israel)"Enriching" CreamSea Buckthorn – Bar SoapSea Buckthorn – Nourishing Night Face CreamSea Buckthorn – Moisturizingday  Face Cream( Israel)
Sea Buckthorn – Face Wash without S.L.S (Israel)Shavit
Liquid facial soap based on natural ingredients with addition of moisture S.L.S free.
S.L.S is a chemical foaming substance which can be found in most ... $11.49  Add to basket
"Enriching" CreamNeva Cosmetics
40ml $3.49  Add to basket
Sea Buckthorn – Bar SoapShavit
Natural soap for the face and body skin, enriched with moisturizing fats and minerals.
Thoroughly cleanses the skin pores, without feeling dryness ... $5.99  Add to basket
Sea Buckthorn – Nourishing Night Face CreamShavit
Moisturizing and nourishing cream for all skin types. Recommended for dry and sensitive skin in particular.
Each skin 'takes' what it requires from ... $16.99  Add to basket
Sea Buckthorn – Moisturizingday Face Cream( Israel)Shavit
Moisturizing day cream for the face, eyes and neck skin. It contains vitamins, minerals, and natural anti-oxidants with biological UV block protection ... $16.99  Add to basket
Rose Hip Sea Buckthorn – Face Serum (Israel)Pomegranate  - Nourishing night cream (Israel)Pomegranate  - Moisturizing day creamPomegranate Face & Eyes Serum"Pure Line" Nourishing night cream for dry skin
Rose Hip Sea Buckthorn – Face Serum (Israel)Shavit
100% natural facial serum for treatment of wrinkles, stains and scars.
Suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin.
Lessens ... $16.99  Add to basket
Pomegranate - Nourishing night cream (Israel)Shavit
Night care – intense protection cream that contains vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants from a natural source to nourish the dermis and help the skin's ... $16.99  Add to basket
Pomegranate - Moisturizing day creamShavit
Moisturizing day cream containing vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants from natural source with the addition of biological radiation filter.
Hypo-allergenic ... $16.99  Add to basket
Pomegranate Face & Eyes SerumShavit
Serum rich in natural vitamins and anti-oxidants.
Recommended for daily use before applying the pomegranate moisturizing cream or nourishing cream ... $18.99  Add to basket
"Pure Line" Nourishing night cream for dry skinOJSC Concern “Kalina”
Makes your skin smooth and elastic.
Helps to smooth out small wrinkles.
Nourishes and softens skin. $5.49  Add to basket
"Pure Line" Nourishing night cream for normal and combination skin"Pure Line" Moisturizing day cream for dry skinRefreshing Toner "Sea Beauty"Facial phyto-cream "Pure line" 25+ cornflower and barbery for normal and combined skinFace Cream "Lanolin" for dry skin
"Pure Line" Nourishing night cream for normal and combination skinOJSC Concern “Kalina”
It saturates your skin with vitamins, providing regenerative action.
Helps to smooth out small wrinkles.
Makes your skin more elastic. $5.49  Add to basket
"Pure Line" Moisturizing day cream for dry skinOJSC Concern “Kalina”
It moistens your skin, protecting it from environmental hazards.
Helps to keep your skin matted and smooth during day.
Reduces pores. $5.49  Add to basket
Refreshing Toner "Sea Beauty"Natural Sea Beauty
Natural Sea Beauty by L'Oreal Israel Dead Sea Cosmetics, Mud and Minerals from the Dead Sea.For all skin types. A gentle, alcohol-free lotion that removes ... $18.99  Add to basket
Face Cream "Lanolin" for dry skinNeva Cosmetics
Vol:40ml. The cream is an effective nutritious cosmetic product with a high content of oils and fats. It eliminates dryness, making the skin supple ... $3.99  Add to basket
Face cream "Ginseng" rejuvenating        
Face cream "Ginseng" rejuvenatingNeva Cosmetics
40ml $3.99  Add to basket

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