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Dragee "Strawberry Nikolayevna" chocolate glaze Sunflower oil "Rossiyanka" rafinated 5l "Candies ""Stolichnye"" 1 lb." Dragee "Cherry Vladimirovna" with chocolate Mayonnaise "Moscow Provansal" Classic 0.470g Cookies "Caramel"
Dragee "Strawberry Nikolayevna" chocolate glaze Озёрский сувенир
135 g $3.29   Add to basket
Sunflower oil "Rossiyanka" rafinated 5l Кубаночка
5 liters $17.99   Add to basket
"Candies ""Stolichnye"" 1 lb." Red October
Chocolate candies with combined fillings: a delightful combination of milky fondant and liquor fillings. $10.99   Add to basket
Dragee "Cherry Vladimirovna" with chocolate Ozersky souvenir
Cherry is the most popular berry in Russia. It is used for cooking tasty jams, stewed fruit, it is dried in order to preserve all the vitamins. Exactly ... $3.29   Add to basket
Mayonnaise "Moscow Provansal" Classic 0.470g Products Solnechnye
0.470g $3.29   Add to basket
Cookies "Caramel" Confectionery Association "KIO"
255гр. Cookies with sugar icing and caramel taste $2.49   Add to basket
Waffles "Maminy ladoshki" with milk caramel Gingerbread "Tula" w/black currant Tuna in oil "Riga Gold" Birch Sap sterilized 3 lt Candies "Naslajdenie" cranberry Sunflower Halva 250 g
Waffles "Maminy ladoshki" with milk caramel Confectionery Association "KIO"
225gr $2.99   Add to basket
Gingerbread "Tula" w/black currant Tula confectionary "Yasnay polyana"
with fruit filling
currant $1.29   Add to basket
Tuna in oil "Riga Gold" Gamma-A "Riga Gold"
280 g $6.99   Add to basket
Birch Sap sterilized 3 lt БКК
With sugar, sterilized.
3 liter $4.99   Add to basket
Candies "Naslajdenie" cranberry Babaev confectionary concern
454gr $5.99   Add to basket
Sunflower Halva 250 g Azov confectionery
250 g $2.29   Add to basket
Sugar cookies "Baba Mania" raisins Mayonnaise "Moscow Provansal" Light Sunflower oil "Rossiyanka" non-rafinated Sugar Cookies "Rustic" with cocoa and souffles glazed Iris "Kio" creamy Imported Russian Lemon Marmalade Slices with Natural Juice
Sugar cookies "Baba Mania" raisins Sladkaya Sloboda $3.69   Add to basket
Mayonnaise "Moscow Provansal" Light Products Solnechnye
0.420g $2.89   Add to basket
Sunflower oil "Rossiyanka" non-rafinated Кубаночка
1 litr $3.99   Add to basket
Sugar Cookies "Rustic" with cocoa and souffles glazed "Sladkaya sloboda"
270 g $3.29   Add to basket
Iris "Kio" creamy Confectionery Association "KIO"
145gr $2.19   Add to basket
Imported Russian Lemon Marmalade Slices with Natural Juice Udarnitsa
250 g. $3.99   Add to basket
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Chocolates, caramels, chocolate gift boxes, kvas, caviar and other Russian food delicacies.

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Mishka Kosolapy, Kara-Kum, Belochkabest selling Russian chocolates

Russian chocolates
Always a great treat

Russian caviar
always a popular item. A slice of bread, a little butter and caviar. Close your eyes and enjoy.

this is an acquired taste, authentic, imported from Latvia.

imported Russian cookies

very popular Russian snack

Russian marshmellows

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