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Filling for Borsch "Knorr" 90gr Sugar cookies "Babushkino ugoshcheniye" Assorted vegetables "Veselaya gryadka" "Maggi" for beef stroganoff Candy "Monomakh" Prince Vladimir Rosinka "Buratino" 2L
Filling for Borsch "Knorr" 90gr Knorr
90 g $2.89   Add to basket
Sugar cookies "Babushkino ugoshcheniye" Confectionery "Globe"
500 g $3.29   Add to basket
Assorted vegetables "Veselaya gryadka" TM "Veselaya gryadka"
cucumbers, tomatoes, "Cherie," squash. With fresh herbs and garlic. 1800ml $9.99   Add to basket
"Maggi" for beef stroganoff Maggi $2.99   Add to basket
Candy "Monomakh" Prince Vladimir Confectionery "Permskaya"
454gr. Creamy candy in chocolate glaze for adults. Made with chocolate-vanilla cream with add of liquor balsam. $10.99   Add to basket
Rosinka "Buratino" 2L Rosinka
2 L. $2.39   Add to basket
Babaevsky Bitter Truffle Greenfield Herbal Tea "Rich Camomile" 25 bags "Knorr Soul lunch" for Borsch Sushki "Kroshechka-Havroshechka" Chewing marmalade "Bumba"  Wild garden Zucchini paste "Kubanochka"
Babaevsky Bitter Truffle Babaev confectionary concern
454gr / 1 lb $10.89   Add to basket
Greenfield Herbal Tea "Rich Camomile" 25 bags Greenfield
The basis of natural herbal tea complex is camomile flowers. Sweet flavor of dry apples completes natural camomile flavor and cinnamon adds pleasant spicy ... $3.29   Add to basket
"Knorr Soul lunch" for Borsch Knorr $3.29   Add to basket
Sushki "Kroshechka-Havroshechka" OOO "PXP"
200g $2.29   Add to basket
Chewing marmalade "Bumba" Wild garden Udarnitsa $2.29   Add to basket
Zucchini paste "Kubanochka"
480gr $2.89   Add to basket
Candy "Triumph" mix Assorted pickles and tomatoes "Veselaya gryadka" ayonnaise "Sloboda" Provancal 67% "Maggi" for barbecue chicken wings Flower Altai Honey "Berestov" Improted Russian Chocolates "Mishka Kosolapy" 1 lb
Candy "Triumph" mix Red October
454gr/1lb. Triumph Exotic - Creame filling with pistaccios. Triumph Classic - creame filling with coconut. Triumph Latte - creame filling with latte. $7.99   Add to basket
Assorted pickles and tomatoes "Veselaya gryadka" TM "Veselaya gryadka"
1800ml $9.49   Add to basket
ayonnaise "Sloboda" Provancal 67% JSC "EFCO"
400ml $3.59   Add to basket
"Maggi" for barbecue chicken wings Maggi $2.99   Add to basket
Flower Altai Honey "Berestov" Berestov's Private apiaries
500gr $14.49   Add to basket
Improted Russian Chocolates "Mishka Kosolapy" 1 lb Red October
Chocolate candies with Nut praline filling with selected almonds between layers of wafers. $10.99   Add to basket
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Chocolates, caramels, chocolate gift boxes, kvas, caviar and other Russian food delicacies.

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Mishka Kosolapy, Kara-Kum, Belochkabest selling Russian chocolates

Russian chocolates
Always a great treat

Russian caviar
always a popular item. A slice of bread, a little butter and caviar. Close your eyes and enjoy.

this is an acquired taste, authentic, imported from Latvia.

imported Russian cookies

very popular Russian snack

Russian marshmellows

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