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Rot Front Babaevsky Krastnyj Oktyabr We have the best selection of Russian food imported from Russia! We are based in New York and we offer the best selection of authentic Russian foods. is the exclusive distributor for the best known Russian confectionery brands.

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Fried Crucian in tomato sauce "Khorosho" Greenfield Black Tea "Spring Melody" 100 bags Eggplant "Lukashinskie" fried, with tomatoes Sprats in Oil "Old Riga"  240gr Milk chocolate "ETRE" with hazelnuts Imported Russian Chocolates "Ptichye Moloko"
Fried Crucian in tomato sauce "Khorosho" Ltd. Kupechestvo
250gr $1.99   Add to basket
Greenfield Black Tea "Spring Melody" 100 bags Greenfield
100 teabags $9.99   Add to basket
Eggplant "Lukashinskie" fried, with tomatoes TM "Lukashinskie canned"
460gr. Crimea Style $4.49   Add to basket
Sprats in Oil "Old Riga" 240gr Dalpromryba
240 g. $2.99   Add to basket
Milk chocolate "ETRE" with hazelnuts
90gr $2.39   Add to basket
Imported Russian Chocolates "Ptichye Moloko" RotFront
200 gr. $4.19   Add to basket
Sweets "Felicita" Arcobaleno Mix Taste Chocolate candy "Assorted Bouquet" "Sushki ""Malyutka"" on a rope" Sweets "Felicita" Arcobaleno Arancino (Orange Souffle) "Candies ""Stolichnye"" 1 lb." Honey cocktail "Berestov" with pistachio
Sweets "Felicita" Arcobaleno Mix Taste United Confectionary
205gr. Orange souffle, coffee souffle, Nutty Caramel. $4.99   Add to basket
Chocolate candy "Assorted Bouquet" Babaev confectionary concern
300 g $6.99   Add to basket
"Sushki ""Malyutka"" on a rope" ZAO "Company Nevskaya sushka"
350 g. $3.89   Add to basket
Sweets "Felicita" Arcobaleno Arancino (Orange Souffle) United Confectionary
205gr $4.99   Add to basket
"Candies ""Stolichnye"" 1 lb." Red October
Chocolate candies with combined fillings: a delightful combination of milky fondant and liquor fillings. $10.99   Add to basket
Honey cocktail "Berestov" with pistachio Berestov's Private apiaries
430gr $13.99   Add to basket
Greenfield Green Tea "Classic Genmaicha" 20 pak Ketchup "Baltimore" Admiral 530gr Imorted Russian Chocolate "Vdokhnoveniye" Coffee Drink "Chicory" soluble 200gr Greenfield Tea "Premium Tea Collection" 120 bags Honey Bashkirhan ORGANIC "Berestov" Linden
Greenfield Green Tea "Classic Genmaicha" 20 pak Greenfield $3.79   Add to basket
Ketchup "Baltimore" Admiral 530gr Baltimore
530gr $2.69   Add to basket
Imorted Russian Chocolate "Vdokhnoveniye" Babaev confectionary concern
Authentic Russian Chocolate. Net weight 100g $3.39   Add to basket
Coffee Drink "Chicory" soluble 200gr Red October USA
200gr $2.49   Add to basket
Greenfield Tea "Premium Tea Collection" 120 bags Greenfield
A selection of 30 Greenfield varieties. 120 bags. Rare sorts of black, green, white, red tea from the best plantations of Ceylon, India, china and japan ... $18.79   Add to basket
Honey Bashkirhan ORGANIC "Berestov" Linden Berestov's Private apiaries
500gr $17.99   Add to basket
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Chocolates, caramels, chocolate gift boxes, kvas, caviar and other Russian food delicacies.

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Mishka Kosolapy, Kara-Kum, Belochkabest selling Russian chocolates

Russian chocolates
Always a great treat

Russian caviar
always a popular item. A slice of bread, a little butter and caviar. Close your eyes and enjoy.

this is an acquired taste, authentic, imported from Latvia.

imported Russian cookies

very popular Russian snack

Russian marshmellows

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