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Narsharab is made from juice of sour garden and wild pomegranate varieties which make its tangy sour pomegranate taste. The sauce perfectly complements meat dishes and is very popular in haute cuisine. The Narsharab sauce is a perfect complement both to meat and fish dishes. It can be used as a marinade, salad dressing or even an addition to desserts. Weight:380 g.

Ingredientspomegranate juice, sugar.

NutritionProtein- 0g. Fat- 0g. Carbohydrates- 630g. Energy Value- 250 kcal.

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Pomegranate Sauce "Narsharab" Kinto


Pomegranate Sauce "Narsharab" Kinto

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Natasha khvost   12/11/2009
Very best!

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