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250 g. More than half a century ago the confectioners of Moscow factory Udarnitsa had created this delicacy - a gentle fluffy marshmallow in the excellent dark chocolate glaze.

And today marshmallow in chocolate Charmelle is a traditionally premium quality product with exquisite taste.

Ingredientssugar, chocolate coating, lactose, cocoa powder, emulgator, glucose syrup, apple pulp, egg white, geliing agent.

Nutrition100 grams of product contain. Protein - 1.9 g, fat - 11.2 g, carbohydrates - 68.0 g. Energy value - 379.0 kcal.

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"Charmelle" Chocolate Covered Marshmallow (Zefir) with Coffee Aroma


"Charmelle" Chocolate Covered Marshmallow (Zefir) with Coffee Aroma

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