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IngredientsAsparcam is the mix of Potassium and Magnesium Asparahynates in ratio 1 : 1. Asparcam eliminates the electrolitic disbalance in the organism promoting the penetration of the potassium and magnesium iones into the intracellular space. Asparcam is a source of K+ and Mg+, it regulates methabolic processes, promotes restoration of electrolytic balance, possesses antiarithmic action. K+ takes part in conducting electric impulses through nerve fibers, also participates in synaptic transmission, muscle contraction, maintenance of normal heart activity. Failure in K+ metabolism causes alteration in nerve and muscle excitability. Active ionic transport supports a high gradient of K+ through cell membranes. In low doses K+ dilates coronary arteries, in high doses makes the vessels narrower. Mg2+ is a cofactor for 300 enzyme reactions. It is indispensable during the process of production and consumption of energy. Mg2+ appears in structure of DNA, and takes part in synthesis of RNA, cell growth, meiosis. Constrains and prevents catecholamine discharge during stress, possible lipolisis and extrication of free fatty acids. Mg2+ promotes K+ penetration in cells. Asparcam stimulates intercellular synthesis of phosphates.

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Asparkam (50 pills)

JSC "Lugansk chemical-pharmaceutical factory"

Asparkam (50 pills)

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