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"Strawberry Jam with Fructose  ""Ratibor""" Soup Borsch  "Galina Blanca" Candy "Eshkina korovka" Couscous with tomatoes "Gotovo" "Ryazanochka" Buckwheat flour 1 kg Mayonnaise "Mr. Ricco Organic" on quail egg 450 ml
"Strawberry Jam with Fructose ""Ratibor""" Ratibor
Special offer for those who are restricted in sugar intake. RATIBOR dietary jam with fructose, 350 g, is less sweet than the traditional jam and especially ... $5.99   Add to basket
Soup Borsch "Galina Blanca" Gallina Blanca
43g $1.69   Add to basket
Candy "Eshkina korovka" RotFront
454gr/1lb. Milky Body Unglazed Candies $3.99   Add to basket
Couscous with tomatoes "Gotovo" Trading House "Fair" $2.69   Add to basket
"Ryazanochka" Buckwheat flour 1 kg Agroaliance
1000 g $3.49   Add to basket
Mayonnaise "Mr. Ricco Organic" on quail egg 450 ml Ms.Ricco $3.39   Add to basket
Juice "Frutonyanya" apples and plums Confiture Jam "Barenhof" Raspberry Candy "Stratosphere" Flour "Nastyusha" wheat (highest grade) 2 kg Sauce "Mr. Ricco" Satsebeli with nut Greenfield Green Tea "Tropical Marvel" 25 bags
Juice "Frutonyanya" apples and plums JSC "Progress
200ml. 100% natural juice for kids. $1.99   Add to basket
Confiture Jam "Barenhof" Raspberry BARENHOF
350 g $4.99   Add to basket
Candy "Stratosphere" Red October
454gr/1lb. Chocolate candies with souflet and crushed almond filling. Gentle taste with cream and nutty notes. $8.49   Add to basket
Flour "Nastyusha" wheat (highest grade) 2 kg Agroaliance
2 kg $4.39   Add to basket
Sauce "Mr. Ricco" Satsebeli with nut Ms.Ricco
310gr $3.29   Add to basket
Greenfield Green Tea "Tropical Marvel" 25 bags Greenfield
In the charming composition of Tropical Marvel light astringency of green tea blends with tender apple and citrus notes. Bright and exciting aroma of pineapple ... $3.29   Add to basket
Cookies Almond "DiYes" with Fructose Yelli Pea Cream Soup with curry White Chocolate Aerated "Russian Chocolate" Milk chocolate "Felicita Primo Amore" Caramel "Fruktik" citrus fantasy Milk Chocolate "Alionka" with hazelnuts 200gr
Cookies Almond "DiYes" with Fructose Elizabeth
170gr $2.29   Add to basket
Yelli Pea Cream Soup with curry Trading House "Fair" $3.49   Add to basket
White Chocolate Aerated "Russian Chocolate" Russian Chocolate
90 g $1.99   Add to basket
Milk chocolate "Felicita Primo Amore" RotFront
90gr $1.79   Add to basket
Caramel "Fruktik" citrus fantasy RotFront
454gr/1lb. Caramel with citrus taste filling $2.49   Add to basket
Milk Chocolate "Alionka" with hazelnuts 200gr Red October
200gr. Milk chocolate with hazelnut $4.59   Add to basket
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Chocolates, caramels, chocolate gift boxes, kvas, caviar and other Russian food delicacies.

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Mishka Kosolapy, Kara-Kum, Belochkabest selling Russian chocolates

Russian chocolates
Always a great treat

Russian caviar
always a popular item. A slice of bread, a little butter and caviar. Close your eyes and enjoy.

this is an acquired taste, authentic, imported from Latvia.

imported Russian cookies

very popular Russian snack

Russian marshmellows

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