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Rot Front Babaevsky Krastnyj Oktyabr We have the best selection of Russian food imported from Russia! We are based in New York and we offer the best selection of authentic Russian foods. is the exclusive distributor for the best known Russian confectionery brands.

New additions
Honey "Taiga" with Pine Nuts Imported Russian Candy Set "Visit" 215gr Bagels "BKK" Vyatskie Gingerbread "Tula" with Caramalized Milk Flour "Kolobok" wheat (highest grade) 2 kg Salt "Salty Barrel" for Dumplings
Honey "Taiga" with Pine Nuts Kedroviy Bor
We offer you a unique clean medicinal product - multi-herbal taiga honey from Altai mountains in combination with selected pine nuts. This wholesome delicacy ... $17.99  Add to basket
Imported Russian Candy Set "Visit" 215gr Babayev Confectionery Concern
Weight 450 g. Set of chocolate candies. Chocolate glazed Praline body with crushed hazelnuts and chocolate decoration. $7.99  Add to basket
Bagels "BKK" Vyatskie Bakery-Confectionery Factory Kirov
350gr $2.29  Add to basket
Gingerbread "Tula" with Caramalized Milk Tula confectionary "Yasnay polyana"
Glazed gingerbread made from premium quality flour with cooked condensed milk filling
Net weight 130g $1.29  Add to basket
Flour "Kolobok" wheat (highest grade) 2 kg
2 kg $3.39  Add to basket
Salt "Salty Barrel" for Dumplings Gardens
Salt for cooking dumplings with spices. Weight - 400gr $3.29  Add to basket
Curdy cheese "Violette" with shrimps Squash Paste "Lukashinskie" Tomatoes "Lukashinskie" armenian style Drying "Malyutka"  w/poppy seeds 500 g Dessert cottage cheese "Carat" Fruit with apricot 230 g Sunflower oil "Zolotay semechka" 1L
Curdy cheese "Violette" with shrimps Karat
Delicate, natural curd cheese with a bright taste of shrimps.
We recommend to add olives and fresh cucumber. 140gr $3.89  Add to basket
Squash Paste "Lukashinskie" TM "Lukashinskie canned" $3.69  Add to basket
Tomatoes "Lukashinskie" armenian style TM "Lukashinskie canned"
670gr. with hot pepper and beetroot $4.49  Add to basket
Drying "Malyutka" w/poppy seeds 500 g Bakery-Confectionery Factory Kirov
500 g $2.99  Add to basket
Dessert cottage cheese "Carat" Fruit with apricot 230 g Karat
230 g. Curds made from whipped cottage cheese and cream with the addition of natural fruit and berry fillers and natural vanilla. The light airy texture ... $2.99  Add to basket
Sunflower oil "Zolotay semechka" 1L Zolotaya Semechka
Oil sunflower unrefinated " Gold a sunflower seed ". A plastic bottle in capacity of 1 litre. $3.99  Add to basket
Buckwheat with Porcini mushrooms "Yelli" Dried Vobla (1 package) "Ot Palycha" Mini wafers "Korovka" Chocolate taste 150 g Kompotnaya smes "Nurfood" highest grade Assorted vegetables Our garden "Veselaya gryadka" Mineral water "Kislovodskaya" 0.5l
Buckwheat with Porcini mushrooms "Yelli" Trading House "Fair"
250 g $2.69  Add to basket
Dried Vobla (1 package) "Ot Palycha" Red October USA
+/-454 g. $11.89  Add to basket
Mini wafers "Korovka" Chocolate taste 150 g United Confectionary
150 g $1.99  Add to basket
Kompotnaya smes "Nurfood" highest grade LLC "Nur-food"
Weight - 700gr. $3.99  Add to basket
Assorted vegetables Our garden "Veselaya gryadka" TM "Veselaya gryadka"
1800ml $7.49  Add to basket
Mineral water "Kislovodskaya" 0.5l RotFront
0.5 l $1.99  Add to basket

RussianTable is your best resource for original Russian delicacies: sugary sweets, beverages and flavorful seasonings. From our huge variety you can purchase difficult-to-find organic ingredients, as well as traditional product like salmon caviar, Sushki, and chocolate "Alenka". At our Russian food market, you can even find supplies like laundry soap, tooth powder, and activated charcoal. We are constantly updating our assortment, so check back often!

Visiting our site you will find hundreds of rare authentic beverages, desserts, and groceries for Russian and all other East European cuisines: Lithuanian rye bread "Kaimska Duona", popular Ukrainian salo, Latvian oiled sprats "Old Riga", and other snacks and desserts of different kind, big variety of assorted chocolates and bulk caramels, well-known "Essentuki" mineral water and other health improving drinks like kissel and "Grienfield" herbal tea, many exotic spices and canned goods to make preparing authentic Russian food, even imported nasal drops from Russia that helps you breathe freely, and many other imported products offered by our Russian food store in USA.

The real original

All over the Europe its getting easier to find a place where you can choose Russian food online. But certified, biologic or traditional food of any country can be cloned in any part of the planet. Though you have to be aware: Not every Russian-named product in your supermarket is the original.

We have Russian products for sale delivered over the continental USA which is to chosen according to a simple standard: genuine ingredients of the food, strict mechanism of methodology of the producing chain, brand new and old traditional products that are still or recently become popular in Russia. RussianTable offers Russian products in USA which could never be found in local supermarket.

Russia has itself one of the most nutritious and various food standards; some people try it because of interest some decide to remember the taste of their homeland. We offer you to order our Russian food online and taste it at least once. We ensure you that our chocolate "Alenka" doesnt taste less sweet than any branded French chocolate, or instant chicory coffee loses to the world-known Brazil coffee brands in terms of morning power ups.

About RussianTable

Our Russian food store, with its distinctive national styling, is based in New York City. All trade customers, and interested individuals, looking for the very best and authentic products and supplies that are popular in Russia, are welcome.

The company has developed its experience in the traditional cuisine food market for many years, developing an unparalleled network of suppliers and manufacturers throughout the USA. This enables RussianTable to distribute products of both quality and innovation for customers. Over the years, our company has expanded its assortment variety to offer a big choice of genuine Russian delicacies: hams, herrings, salamis, sauces and sweets.

Guided by a remarkably simple concept - to provide quality, authentic imported products and ingredients available at affordable prices throughout the continental USA - we created even the more popular shop of Russian-oriented products.

We also managed to launch a direct delivery services for our customers. Its goal was to make shopping for authentic products simple and delay-free. With the same-day-delivery following quickly properly, RussianTable quickly became a destination for customers who looking for authentic, high-quality Russian products online.

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Chocolates, caramels, chocolate gift boxes, kvas, caviar and other Russian food delicacies.

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